About Little Witch Story

A lot has changed in the last year. After the growing suspicion that a magical sub-community existed, a discovery was made; the ability to identify the ‘magic’ gene through a simple blood test.

All of a sudden, there was scientific proof for magic.

Forced into responding, the magical community had no choice but to reveal themselves. For the first time, the world was introduced to Witches. People who had spent their whole lives hiding were suddenly thrust into the spotlight, and the world demanded to know everything about them.

Now, a little over twelve months later, things have calmed down but not exactly improved. Legally, Witches are in a grey area. Their DNA is slightly different to the average human, and there are those who argue that they aren’t human, and therefore aren’t entitled to human rights. All across the world, the first wave of legal cases are still underway.

It’s still unclear just exactly what Witches are capable of. Despite experimentation, their magic has proven difficult to categorise or explain. People are afraid, wondering what this means for the future of humanity and for themselves.

The question is, where do you fit in?